Collection: Puzzle Post

2022 Gift of the Year FINALIST Reviews for Puzzle Post Games: The Telegraph - “A perfect alternative to that Christmas day game of monopoly” Real Homes - “There's no need to leave your home to do an escape room anymore – this one is just as fun.” BuzzFeed - Featured in “The Best Gifts To Give In 2020” We are Bobbie and Will, and we are the creators of Puzzle Post. As fans of escape rooms, board games, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and also receiving post – Puzzle Post was a natural next step. We’ve always loved a brain teaser and there really is no better feeling than finally cracking the puzzle that the rest of the room thinks is still impossible. We were struck with the idea of how to personalise the experience, and loved the idea of being able to offer a bespoke ‘reward’ at the end of it. Imagine if you didn’t know what was going to happen at the end (or indeed who you might see!), and for us, this was how Puzzle Post was born. Most of all, Puzzle Post has been a lot of fun - from creating our first prototypes in our kitchen, persuading friends and family that they really do want to play tester, to finally pressing the button on our first order - we have loved every minute of it. And what we really want, is for you to love it too… Thanks, Bobbie and Will