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Scotched Nation

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Synopsis: Five months after Scotland's Independence Referendum, freelance journalist Willie Morton learns by chance that a man called Philip Gallimont, let off a drink-driving charge on Home Office orders, bears a startling resemblance to himself. Gallimont works for a pro-Union group, GB13, run by members of MI5 and the old school tie network of the British State.

Could Morton pass himself off as Gallimont to get inside the group? How far are they willing to go to frustrate democracy? What are their connections in Whitehall and is the Prime Minister involved?

It's a dangerous game and soon Morton is being pursued through a labyrinth of private backstairs and neglected corridors in the Palace of Westminster into the eerie dereliction of the roof space. He wants to confront the reclusive leader of GB13, whisky magnate Lord Craile, in his remote mansion on Mull and ask him one question - Why?

But some questions are too incendiary, too dangerous... The Union is sacrosanct, greater, it seems, than democracy itself and Morton is a threat to it, their top target.

Andrew Scott's pacy political thrillers explore the uncertain and ambiguous terrain between a declining Britain and an emerging Scotland, in fast-moving novels that combine an insider's insight with all-too-believable scenarios, set in beautiful locations in contemporary Scotland, England and Europe.

"Moves along enjoyably and at a brisk pace" - The Herald

"Fast-paced, tension-packed page-turner... a thrilling tale which leaves the reader much to think about and doesn't disappoint" - The Courier

Author: Scott, Andrew

Format: Paperback

Pagination: 296 pages

Publisher: TWA Corbies Publishing

Publication Date: 07/10/2019

BIC: Fiction & related items

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