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We Can Boogie

We Can Boogie

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Author: Scott Burns

Scotland | Sports teams & clubs | Sports training & coaching | Football (Soccer, Association football)

Published on 6th June 2024 by Birlinn General (Arena Sport) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 256 pages
216mm x 138mm | 0g

Twenty-two long years, 264 torturous months, more than, 1,100 despairing weeks. The Tartan Army’s foot soldiers were waiting for a leader of substance and in Steve Clarke they finally found their general.

On his appointment in 2019 the former Chelsea stalwart faced the challenge of succeeding where a long line of predecessors could not. A string of household names all found tournament football out of reach - but under Clarke no summit feels to beyond Scotland’s grasp. With the experience of Euro 2020 under his belt and time spent moulding a squad capable of going toe to toe with the world’s finest, Euro 2024 represents another major milestone.

We Can Boogie goes behind the scenes of Scotland’s remarkable rise and explores the extraordinary story of the man who has led the revival and of the team he has shaped. It is a story told through the eyes of those who know him best. Former teammates and coaching colleagues lend their voices alongside an all-star cast of past and present Hampden favourites in a tale of triumph and hope.

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