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Assembled : Transform Everyday Objects Into Robots

Assembled : Transform Everyday Objects Into Robots

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Author: Karpati, Eszter

The arts

Published on 21 September 2017 by Jacqui Small.

Hardback | 144 pages
250 x 210 | 0g

Did you know that you can transform a cheese grater, a few bits of old cutlery and a handful of nuts and bolts into a household robot brimming with character in no time? Presented like a recipe book, this unique guide will inspire you to make your own bots from random flea market finds and some unwanted junk through 23 quirky 'robot recipes'.

Each of the 23 robots is shown through the transformation of a group of 'found objects' into a finished sculpture with accompanying instructions on inspiration, assemblage methods and bonding techniques. The projects are disassembled to their very core to reveal not just the easily identifiable elements used in their creation, such as a tennis racket, thermos, or bicycle frame, but also every screw, bolt, thread, rope or wire used to assemble them. This original collection will inspire you to scout around your homes for spare everyday objects and turn them into characterful assemblage art sculptures.

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