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The Munros : A History

The Munros : A History

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Author: Dempster, Andrew

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published on 15 September 2021 by LUATH PRESS LTD in the United Kingdom.

Paperback |
129 x 199 x 31 | 290g

The mountains provide the spiritual nourishment so essential to a truer understanding of the hills and, ultimately, ourselves.

Munro bagging is a headily addictive pursuit, with the holy-grail of 'compleation' the ultimate aim, currently achieved by around 7,000 Munroists.

It all began in 1891 when Sir Hugh Munro's Tables of 3,000-foot Scottish mountains appeared in The Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal. Since then, this innocent compilation of hills has become a hallowed hit-list.

Andrew Dempster traces the meandering course of this cult activity, which has gone from trickle to torrent in the space of a century. From early map-makers to current record-breakers, from the why and the wry to wildness and well-being, The Munros: A History explores the compulsions and philosophies underpinning the Munro phenomenon.

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