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Wolves of Winter : The epic sequel to Essex Dogs from Sunday Times bestseller and historian Dan Jones

Wolves of Winter : The epic sequel to Essex Dogs from Sunday Times bestseller and historian Dan Jones

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Author: Jones, Dan

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Published on 12 October 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Essex Dogs Series' series.

Hardback | 416 pages
236 x 156 x 38 | 606g

'A convincing picture of hard men in a hard time, Dan Jones' fiction rings with the authority of his scholarly history.' PHILIPPA GREGORY'Absolutely fabulous. A raucous, swaggering charge through the medieval underworld. I had such a good time reading it that I never wanted it to stop.' ANTONIA FRASER'Superb historical fiction as fresh, vivid and vital as this morning's headlines... proves once again that nothing really changes, be it a soldier's life - or great storytelling.' LEE CHILDAN ENDLESS WAR.



1347. Bruised and bloodied by an epic battle at Crecy, six soldiers of fortune known as the Essex Dogs pick through the wreckage of the fighting - and their own lives.

Now a new siege is beginning, and the Dogs are sent to attack the soaring walls of Calais. King Edward has vowed no Englishman will leave France til this city falls. To get home, they must survive a merciless winter in a lawless camp deadlier than any battlefield.

Obsessed with tracking down the vanished Captain, Loveday struggles to control his own men. Romford is haunted by the reappearance of a horrific figure from his past. And Scotsman is spiralling into a pit of drink, violence and self-pity.

The Dogs are being torn apart - but this war is far from over. It won't be long before they lose more of their own...

From a vast siege camp built outside Calais' walls, to pirate ships patrolling the harbour, and finally into the darkest corners of oligarchs' houses inside a starving city, this captivating and darkly comic story brings the fourteenth century vividly to life. A searing tale about merchants, money and the medieval 'deep state', this is a must-read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden.

'Dan Jones tackles The Hundred Years' War and puts faces and personalities, drug habits and fighting in an urgent light. I feel like I'm there . . . Simply stunning.' DUFF McKAGAN, New York Times No1 bestselling author of It's So Easy, and founder member of Guns N' Roses'Finding hints of light amid the darkness of war, Wolves of Winter captures the humanity at the heart of our history.' DR MICHAEL LIVINGSTON'Wolves of Winter is another brilliant book by Dan Jones. I'm constantly amazed at how prolific Dan is, and also how he keeps his standards so high.' CHARLES SPENCER'Nobody but Dan Jones could write this story... It captures the grime, blood, sweat and friendship of medieval war brilliantly.' GARETH RUSSELL'An enthralling, captivating, and thrilling chronicle... Truly wonderful and truly fascinating!' GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUSPraise for Essex Dogs:'Reminds me of Cornwell at his best.' CONN IGGULDEN'This is the Hundred Years' War as directed by Oliver Stone with a historian's eye for detail' ELODIE HARPER

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