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Banana Hunt

Banana Hunt

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Authors: Suzy Senior & Josh Cleland

Interest age: from c 3 years | Picture storybooks | Early learning: rhyming & wordplay books | Animal stories (Children's / Teenage) | Humorous stories (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 6th June 2024 by Templar Publishing in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 32 pages
287mm x 247mm | 0g

A joyous read-aloud and laugh-out-loud rhyming romp from perfect pairing, Suzy Senior and Josh Cleland!Bernardo is on the hunt for some fun. And what could be better than a BANANA HUNT?! Hidden under rocks and tucked in socks, Bernardo stashes bananas EVERYWHERE, ready for his Auntie Dot to find. She searches the rainforest high and low for EVERY banana. But before long, they realise that Bernardo has hidden a few too many! After lots of squishy, icky banana chaos, an exhausted Auntie Dot and Bernardo slowly head back. Except what is THAT up ahead on the track?Can Bernardo save them from the grizzly bear? Perhaps too many bananas could be helpful after all . . . Suzy's fun, hilarious story with Josh's bright, expressive illustrations will have all children (and grown-ups) going BANANAS! The ideal book to share and laugh together. Perfect for fans of Octopants, When Cucumber Lost His Cool, Oi Frog! and I Really, Really Need a Wee.

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