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Yuko Higuchi's Magical Colouring Museum

Yuko Higuchi's Magical Colouring Museum

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Author: Higuchi, Yuko

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published on 1 April 2017 by Laurence King Publishing.

Paperback | 98 pages
240 x 213 | 10g

This is the long-awaited colouring book from illustrator Yuko Higuchi. Follow a brother and sister on their magical, and at times surreal, trip through Yuko Higuchi's museum, where they are transformed into the creatures they encounter - plants, mushrooms, mammals, reptiles, molluscs, birds and ancient creatures. Let your imagination run riot by adding colour to the illustrations. Created by cult Japanese illustrator Yuko Higuchi, this is a must for lovers of all things fantastical and bizarre.

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