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The 15-Minute City

The 15-Minute City

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Authors: Carlos Moreno, Jan Gehl & Martha Thorne


Published on 30th April 2024 by John Wiley & Sons Inc in the United States.

Hardback | 288 pages
mm | 500g

A fresh and innovative perspective on urban issues and creating sustainable cities In The 15-Minute City: A Solution for Saving Our Time and Our Planet, human city pioneer and international scientific advisor Carlos Moreno delivers an exciting and insightful discussion of the deceptively simple and revolutionary idea that everyday destinations like schools, stores, and offices should only be a short walk or bike ride away from home.

This book tells the story of an idea that spread from city to city, describing a new way of looking at living that addresses many of the most intractable challenges of our time. Hundreds of mayors worldwide have already embraced the concept as a way to help recover from the pandemic, and the idea continues to gain speed. You'll learn why more and more cities are planning to make cars far less necessary for contemporary city-dwellers and how they're planning to achieve that goal. You'll also find: Strategies for cities to recover and adapt to benefit residents, saving them precious timeTechniques to change the habits of automobile-dependent city residents and maximize social benefits of living in a human-centric cityScientifically developed, research-backed solutions for enduring urban issues and problems Deeply committed to science, progress, and creativity, Moreno presents an essential and timely resource in The 15-Minute City, which will prove invaluable to anyone with an interest in modern and innovative approaches to consistently challenging urban issues that have bedeviled policy makers and city residents since the invention of the car.

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