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The Ultimate Air Fryer Oven Cookbook : Easy Recipes That Satisfy

The Ultimate Air Fryer Oven Cookbook : Easy Recipes That Satisfy

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Author: Morante, Coco

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published on 17 November 2021 by HarperCollins Publishers Inc (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company) in the United States.

Paperback | 304 pages
204 x 228 x 24 | 746g

An accessible book of 100 easy-to-make recipes for delicious dishes prepared in your air fryer, including roasting, frying, baking, dehydrating, and proofing bread. Authorized by Instant Brands.

Air fryer ovens are wildly versatile appliances, and the newest model from Instant Brands, ranked #1 in the category, promises to be the best of them all. They have the requisite air fryer basket, as well as an oven rack, baking sheet, and rotisserie spit. The temperature settings are precise and wide-ranging, allowing you to do everything from dehydrating jerky and proofing bread dough to high-heat roasting and broiling. The Ultimate Air Fryer Oven Cookbook makes use of all of these functions and more! The recipes include family-friendly breakfasts such as baked oatmeal and breakfast burritos, snacks and appetizers such as vegetable spring rolls and Scotch eggs, and a wide variety of lunches and dinners for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Whether you have a fully equipped kitchen or a studio kitchenette, you can cook wholesome and delicious meals for any occasion, all with one countertop appliance.

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