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Boarding Patrol: Agents Of The Imperium

Boarding Patrol: Agents Of The Imperium

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Pre-order - released 22nd April 2023

The Boarding Patrol - Agents of the Imperium from the Warhammer 40k range is the ideal place to start building your Agents of the Imperium collection - giving you a great selection of units for your army.

The crews of Imperial Navy vessels are the first line of defence in brutal boarding actions, and teams of Breachers punch far above their weight in close confines. This Boarding Patrol, perhaps representing a Rogue Trader’s own combat team, consists entirely of Agents of the Imperium units usually restricted to a supporting role. 10 Elucidean Starstriders and 20 Imperial Navy Breachers make it a numerous and capable force, and there’s also an Eversor Assassin joining them – clearly, somebody important is on the other side of the bulkhead.

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