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Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

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Release Date 27/05/2023

The warp is so vast and all-encompassing that to do battle with it is like trying to drive back the ocean with a sword. It’s far more effective for the Imperium of Man to isolate those places where its influence manifests in mortals – heretical cults, shadowy orders, and congregations of traitors. 

It falls to the clandestine warriors of the Inquisition to lead the charge against these forces of sedition. Kill Team: Ashes of faith provides a lengthy narrative campaign focused on a group of these operatives and their attempt to purge a whole planet of a malignant Chaos Cult.

There are 40 miniatures, 23 for the Chaos Cult, and 17 assorted Inquisitorial Agents. Seven of these are brand-new dual-build miniatures that allow you to build a rag-tag band of hyper-talented weirdos. The set also contains the Ashes of Faith Campaign Rulebook with all the rules for playing out this planet-spanning narrative, and dozens of accessories.

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