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Kill Team: Hand Of The Archon

Kill Team: Hand Of The Archon

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The Drukhari Hand of the Archon from the Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team range provides a set of highly detailed figures that can be used in your Drukhari army, or as a force of their own in Kill Team.

Elite Kabalite agents known as the Hand of the Archon are an invaluable asset for any lord seeking dominion over Commorragh, as they’re among the few Drukhari who can be trusted to carry out independent missions without immediately betraying their superiors. Their combat skills make them a threat both at range and up close, while they speed around the killzone setting up deadly ambushes and pouncing on unsuspecting operatives.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Model: 103-26 Drukhari Hand of the Archon Kill Team

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