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Seraphon: Raptadon Hunters

Seraphon: Raptadon Hunters

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The Seraphon Raptadon Hunters or Chargers from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range provides a set of highly detailed cavalry figures for your Seraphon army.


Aggradons weren’t the only breed of lizard awoken by the feral roar of Ghur. Clutches of inert raptadon eggs also hatched, adding intelligent pack hunters to the Seraphon stock of mounts. They are ridden into battle by skinks, who take advantage of their mount’s natural speed and smarts to befuddle enemies and exploit weaknesses.

This set builds either five javelin-throwing Raptadon Hunters or lance-wielding Raptadon Chargers, two units who have natural synergy on the battlefield.

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